How To Support Books You Love

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1. Buy the book from an independent bookstore. (That helps the book and the store).

2. Buy multiple copies to give as gifts.

3. Write a customer review for Amazon,, or Goodreads--or all three. It can be the same review.

4. Face the book out on bookstore shelves. (That's not a crime.)

5. Scan something from the author's website and send it out to everyone on your email list.

6. Read.the book in public places, on airplanes, subways, buses, public benches, dentists' offices, supermarket and bank queues, beaches and parks. Hold it up so people can see it. Engage with people about it. Be outgoing.

7. Ask a bookstore employee where the book is located. Don't go looking for it yourself. Several people doing this will alert the bookseller of some buzz about the book. He might then read it himself and put it on the "Employee Picks" section.

8. Put in a borrower's request for it in your library waiting list if it's checked out. If they don't own it, put in a request that they buy it.

9. Spread news of the book, and especially your positive reaction to it on your social media channels. Very important!

10. Talk about it a lot, to everyone. "Have you read...? I'm loving it. It's about..."

And for my latest book, Lisette's List,

11. you can announce that it's a National Bestseller.

12. You can request an Author Chat on chats. That way, my publisher will know of your interest.

13. You can email me,, and request business card-sized bookmarks of Lisette's List. Tell me how many you would like (think generously) and where I can send them.

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