Past Events

The lists below provide a selected history of organizations and venues where I have spoken. They are arranged under the following categories:

  • Museums
  • Universities and Schools
  • Book Fairs and Festivals
  • Writers Conferences
  • Teachers Conferences
  • Libraries and Library Support Groups
  • Organizations
  • Community Reads -- One City-One Book Programs

Where names are given, you may contact those individuals for references. An asterisk (*) after the entry indicates that there is a letter at the end of that section referencing that event.


  • Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C., 2007,
    Brooke Rosenblatt, Education Department, 202-387-2151.
  • Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA, 2007,
  • Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO, 2012,
  • Dallas Museum of Art, 2006,
  • Walters Art Museum, MD, 2005, 2007,
  • Vero Beach Museum of Art, Vero Beach, FL, 2009.
  • Palos Fine Arts, Palos Park (Chicago), IL, 2009.
  • Smithsonian Associates in The Freer Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, 2008.
    Melody Curtis, 202-633-8599;
  • Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH, 2008.
  • Riverside Museum of Art, Riverside, CA, 2008.
  • Milwaukee Art Center, Milwaukee, WI, 2008.
  • San Diego Museum of Art, 2003, 2004, 2007.
  • National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C., 2005.
  • Speed Museum, Louisville, KY, 2005.
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Art Council, 2006. *
  • Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Memphis, TN, 2005.
  • Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, 2005.
  • Denver Art Museum, 2006.
  • Birmingham Museum of Art, 2006. *
  • Kalamazoo Institute of Art, 2006.
  • Palm Springs Museum of Art, 2006. *

April 11, 2006
Dear Susan,
On behalf of the Museum Associates Council of the Palm Springs Art Museum I wish to thank you for your wonderful lecture and book signing yesterday. As you know, our membership is comprised of sophisticated, well-traveled, cultured art enthusiasts who aren't easily impressed. However, from the moment you began speaking about your intriguing body of work, they were captivated! They were completely enthralled with the details about how you research and develop your stories, and the slides were perfectly suited to your discussion. It was such a pleasure working with you, and I wish you all the best with your next book. Your friends at the Palm Springs Art Museum will await its release!
Best regards,
Lisa Vossler, Museum Arts Council Events Manager

March 19, 2006
Dear Susan,
Thank you so much for coming to LACMA and introducing Life Studies to the Art Museum Council. It was a glorious day and the ladies thoroughly enjoyed you and the lecture. Your books are a perfect fit for our Council. We were very pleased with the attendance of this event. Several of the guests came because they love your books, and others came because of the subject matter, and were not familiar with your writings. Regardless of how they came, the afternoon was a great success. As you now know, our members are very knowledgeable art lovers.
I personally was very proud to introduce you. I cannot wait to read your next book.
Thank you again,
Most Sincerely,
Dottie Lewis, Executive Vice President of Fundraising
Art Museum Council
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

February 16, 2006
Dear Susan,
Thank you for your incredible appearance here at the Birmingham Museum of Art last month. I've never had so many wonderful comments regarding a lecture-book signing. It was all due to your incredible personality and knowledge of the art world. Our community, so thirsty for someone of your ilk--it just goes to show that if we have someone that is really fine and gets the crowd to respond, "they will come." Keep us in mind for your next book. I'm already getting requests for that.
Take care,
Beverly Phillips, Store Manager
Birmingham Museum of Art


Principia College, Elsah, IL, 2009 *
As Annenberg Foundation Scholar, I gave four master classes of 3-4 hours each, and 3 one-hour programs.

  • Spalding University Brief Residency MFA "Book-in-Common" speaker, 2006.
    Sena Jeter Naslund, Director,
  • New York State Writers Institute, 2006,
    Donald Faulkner, Director,
  • Greenwich Academy, Greenwich, CT, 2002, 2003, 2004,
    Jeff Schwartz, English teacher,
  • Converse College, Spartanburg, SC, 2004.
  • San Diego State University, Living Writers Series, 2004.
  • Seton Hall University, New Jersey, 2004.
  • University of South Carolina, 2004.

May 27, 2009
Dear Susan,
It has been such a privilege to have you at Principia College. I have gained so much from listening to you speak about the ways one can write historical fiction. I would also like to thank you for meeting with me individually. I really appreciated your thought about being a "receiver" when writing. Understanding that all creativity comes from divine Mind is already helping me overcome self-doubt. Your advice and encouragement regarding the book I am editing about women in music was also very inspiring. I feel a new sense of capability concerning all of my writing endeavors. Again, thank you for shining your light on Principia campus.
Megan McGinnis


  • Fiera del Libro, Torino, Italy, 2008.
  • Southwest Florida Reading Festival, 2008.
  • National Book Festival, Washington DC, 2007.
  • Amelia Island Book Festival, FL, 2005,
  • Festivaletteratura, Mantua, Italy, 2004.
  • Los Angeles Times Book Fair at UCLA, 2003, 2005.
  • Miami Book Fair, 2000, 2003.
  • The Faulkner House, Words and Music Conference, New Orleans, 2003.
  • Much Ado About Books Festival, Jacksonville, FL, 2002.
  • Long Beach Literary Women Festival, 2002.


Kentucky Women Writers Conference, Lexington, KY, 2009
Julie Wrinn, Conference Director, 859-257-2874;

  • Dahlonega Literary/Writers Festival, 2006. *
  • Los Angeles Writers Conference, keynote speaker, 2004.
  • Writers at Work Writers Conference, Salt Lake City, 2004. *
  • San Juan Writers Conference, Ouray, Colorado, 2004.
  • California State University at Long Beach, Writers Conference, 2002.
  • Cuesta College Writers Conference, San Luis Obispo, CA, 2002.
  • Tuscany Institute of Advanced Studies, Piensa, Italy, 2000.

September 24, 2009
Thank you for helping make the 30th Kentucky Women Writers Conference a success. I along with many conference participants and fellow board members appreciated your presentation on the craft of fiction. You offered specific, concrete suggestions for improving our writing. Your method of taking us through various stages of the revision process was well received; I often saw participants swiftly recording your suggestions in their journals, on their handouts, and anywhere else they had space to write. After each of your sessions I heard participants excitedly discussing all you taught them. Participants waited in line to talk to you and ask about your informative website with helpful hints on writing and teaching. They also shared their enjoyment of your sessions on their conference evaluation forms.

Your passion for teaching, writing, and art was evident at all three of your sessions. From the French period music to the multimedia art display to the handouts with specific examples, your attention to the finer details of a workshop did not go unnoticed. For exactly these reasons, I plan to mention your name to the Kentucky Council for Teachers of English as they plan their next conference for teachers.

I am looking forward to your Tiffany novel. Your mention of the many revisions is certainly something we should share with young writers--to emphasize the importance of the writing process.
Renee Boss, President, Board of Directors
Kentucky Women Writers Conference

September 23, 2009
Dear Susan:
Thank you so much for your workshops and seminars at the Kentucky Women Writers Conference last week. I am still basking in the energy, generosity, and passion for writing which you shared and encouraged in those of us who were fortunate to have participated. During our breaks, others in the seminar were so eager to speak with you and expressed similar appreciation for your interest in their work. From the moment we entered the lecture theatre to the beautiful CD, accompanying the slide of Renoir's Luncheon of the Boating Party, I knew we would be sharing something special. The scope of your talks addressed the concerns of both the beginning and accomplished writer. You provided concrete strategies to enhance the basics of character, setting, and plot - and, from there, craft our unique stories of knowing and seeing. Your handouts, gleaned over many years of your own writing, gave us critical tools to sharpen our skills and take our stories to new levels.

I hope that you will continue to engage in these seminars and workshops for writers of all talents - certainly, I will be the first in line, when you return to Kentucky. Without reservation, I'd encourage anyone who loves to write to attend your seminars.
Best wishes in your creative endeavors.
Maureen Barker
Lexington, Kentucky

February 21, 2006
Dear Ms. McElliott,
I was thrilled to discover the Dahlonega Literary Festival for the first time this year. As a new author, I left Susan Vreeland's workshop feeling as if I'd struck gold. Sharing painstakingly prepared notes and her own drafts, Ms. Vreeland described the art of revision with depth and clarity. I better understand story structure and the elusive quality of "voice" in ways which will enrich my writing life forever. Her presentations were passionate and generous.
With appreciation,
Robyn Hood Black
Gainesville, GA

March 2, 2006
Festival Organizers
Dahlonega Literary Festival
Dahlonega, GA
Bravo! Another great festival! I must tell you what a narvelous experience our group had with Susan Vreeland for her revision workshop. I have taken a number of writing courses, heard many wonderful authors speak, and have read more "how-to" books on writing than I can name. Ms. Vreeland's one hour talk, which she most graciously stretched to three, was simply the most practical and beneficial writing instruction I have ever experienced. Her devotion to craft was touching, her delivery authentic, and her passion contagious. I feel privileged to have been spoon fed some of Ms. Vreeland's extensive knowledge on the process of revision.
Patti Ackerman

July 2, 2004
I am in awe at two things you do: one, teach people how to write well; and two, write well yourself and publish novels that inspire readers to look at art anew. I had a super teacher at Stanford in Art History: Mr. Mendelowiz taught me to identify the artist by the style, but he never suggested we look at why the artist painted that way, because of the details of the artist's life. This is what your books do, and it' s a grand contribution.
Now to your contribution in writing skills. I learned more about how to put a novel together from you than in all my readings of the books on the subject. And your lovely encouragement - of all of us - was simply an energetic charge. I KNEW you would be the ideal workshop leader for Writers at Work. So thank you, Susan, for teaching me so much!
Terrell Dougan


  • National Council of Teachers of English, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006.
    Akiko Morimoto, Past President of California Council of Teachers of English,
  • California Council of Teachers of English (CATE), Sacramento, CA, February 2000, Keynote speaker; and Ontario, CA, 2001.

To view the transcript of my presentation at NCTE, 2005.


  • DeKalb Public Library, Dekalb, Georgia,2011.
  • College of the Desert Friends of the Library, 2009.
  • St. Louis Public Library, St. Louis, MO, 2008.
  • San Diego Annual Friends of the Library Conference, Keynote, 2003, 2007.
    Jay Hill, Director of Development, 619-236-5870.
  • Thomas Cooper Library, University of South Carolina, Columbus, SC, 2006.
  • Public Library Association Conference, Boston, 2006.
  • University of California San Diego, Friends of the Library annual meeting, 2003 and 2004.
  • Oxford Library, Oxford, Mississippi, 2004.
  • American Library Association Conference, San Francisco 2001; Philadelphia, 2003.


Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, NY, 2009
Audience size, 700.
Jeff Miller, Programs,
Sherra Babcock, Director of Education, 716-357-6316;

  • St. Louis Assistance League, Sandy Brook Charles, , 2008.
  • American Association of University Women, several branches in California, 2000-05.
  • Peninsula Authors Salon, Palo Alto, CA, 2002.
  • Orange County Literary Women, Irvine, CA, 2002.
  • Monterey Author's Table, Monterey, CA, November 2003 and 2007. (Fundraiser for National Steinbeck Center and Cal State University Montery Bay Library).
  • Literary Societies of Sarasota 2002; San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, Rancho Mirage (Palm Springs), Brickell Avenue in Miami, 2005; Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, 2008: Vero Beach, FL, 2011 (all sponsored by Northern Trust Bank).


  • Bradford, PA, 2012.
  • Spokane, WA, 2005.
    Chris O'Hara of Auntie's Books,
  • Fallbrook, CA, 2004.
  • Bainbridge Island, Puget Sound, WA, 2004.
  • Amelia Island, FL, 2006.
  • Bradford, PA, 2012.