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How far can the heart alone see?

Author Susan Vreeland, who spent four years interviewing Jean Holly and family, succeeds in depicting her protagonists as complex, fully-human beings. They do not deny the difficulties and trials they have faced, but they are grateful for the good things too...What Love Sees portrays so well how blind people handle daily tasks that I wish every sighted person could read it. You will undoubtedly enjoy this enthralling and at times heart-breaking story.    
-- The Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind

C Jean face closeup in oval C Forrest face closeup in oval C

Can a blind couple raise four children on a ranch? Meeting these people in 1983 convinced me that they could. I felt compelled to share their lives.

What Love Sees is my first novel, published in 1988 and out of print except as a large print edition since 1991. I'm thrilled to have RosettaBooks bring it back, this time as an ebook and a print-on-demand edition.

Here's the story:

Jean Treadway, a young, cultured New England woman whose every material need is supplied by wealthy, overprotective parents "meets" through arranged correspondence Forrest Holly, a dirt-poor Southern California rancher whose spiritual foundation turns despair into purpose.

 Forest in Ramona front of cabin

Forrest Holly in front of Ramona cabin.

As different as they are in background, they share two things: their blindness and their determination to live an active, normal life and raise a family.

 Jean and Chiang

Jean with Guide Dog Chiang.

While Jean was among the first women to use a Seeing Eye dog on urban streets in the late 1930's, Forrest used a seeing eye bull and his horses to guide him on the ranch in the 1940's.

 Jean and Chiang

Forrest with calf, 1943.

As they discover each other through letters that have to be read to them, his earnestness and folksy humor win her heart.

Their four children, each with a distinct individuality, provide challenges, frustrations, and occasions for tenderness. Through tears and laughter, tragedy and triumph, they all learn Forrest's doctrine that "There's more than one way to skin a cat."

 Family Adobe house

Family in front of adobe house.


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