Book Clubs

Susan Vreeland in the Dear Reader page.

Photo Credit: Sam Ryu

Phone Chats:

I'm offering half hour speaker phone chats to book discussion groups of ten or more which have read one of my books. A chat can be arranged by emailing me with your first and second choice of dates, and time, including time zone and your phone number. Please put the city in your subject line. Be sure to consult the discussion questions and teacher's guide for the book you have chosen to read, and encourage your group members to spend some time on my website. There's a wealth of material to deepen your understanding of the book. Be prepared with questions of your own to ask me. We'll have a fine time.

A Book Club Project to Encourage Reading:

You who are avid readers know that the right book at the right time can change a life. Consider giving a book to someone you may only be acquainted with enough to know that he or she is not a regular reader of fiction. Choose the book carefully, based on what little you know or can inquire of this person's interests. In this way, the book will be irresistible. Do not give it on a birthday or at Christmas. Let it stand alone, an astonishing kindness from a near stranger. That act of giving just might prove a blessing of incomparable worth.