Blogs by Susan Vreeland

"How the Dewey Decimal System Shaped My Life"

A personal account of my early reading and library memories, along with gratitude to more recent librarians in providing needed resources for Luncheon of the Boating Party and Lisette's List.

"Fiction and Art," in Women Writers, Women's Books

The phenomenon of ekphrastic literature, in this case, fiction that draws upon painting; reasons for its appeal, and its topical explorations; along with quotes by Pissarro, Cézanne, and Chagall that influenced my writing of Lisette's List.

"An easy way to develop an understanding for modern art: Read Susan Vreeland's delightful Lisette's List."

by Julia Faye Smith

A personal reaction to reading Lisette's List. "Beautifully written with vivid and colorful descriptions, thoughtful insights, and life in Provence, what more could a reader ask?"

"An Intimate Look at Working with an Editor," Writers Digest

by Susan Vreeland

Recollections of working with Jane von Mehren; what was wonderful and joyful, and what was difficult but ultimately beneficial for all of my books.

Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb

by Susan Vreeland

How I put the pieces of Lisette's List together in the early stages of writing it.


This Writer's Confessions

by Susan Vreeland

A bold and daring self-revelation.