Judith Slaying Holofernes

Chapter 11

"You've given your Judith a hard face," Cosimo said.

"She is concentrating. Like all heroines, she feels profoundly her task."

"As you, no doubt, have felt about yours," he said with a chuckle. "And who, may I ask, was your male model who deserved such revenge?"

"It is not personal vendetta, Your Highness." Santa Maria, let me not offend him. "If it is to be called revenge at all, it's revenge against tyranny."

"An artist's feeling is the white-hot core of painting...You've got to use your own emotions and paint with your own blood if need be in order to discover and prove the truth of your vision."

Artemisia to Palmira, Chapter 24

1618-1620     79" x 64"
Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence