Indian Church

Chapter Thirty-three         Arbutus

Indian Church, oil on canvas, 1929, 108.6 x 68.9 cm, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Bequest of Charles S. Band, 1970.

My parents were Mr. Luke Cook and Mrs. Martha Cook. Dead now. They were missionaries... They taught Tsimshian boys English and praying. When Muldo and Tuuns say Tsimshian words Mr. Luke Cook beat them with his whip....

Mrs. Martha Cook teach them Onward Christian Soldiers and A Mighty Fortress is Our God. When a bell rang we march in rows to the dining room. They had to sing it before they could lift a fork. When they didn't sing it Mr. Luke Cook made me sing it first. Then they fed me and so then the boys sang. Mrs. Martha Cook fed them but they eat with their hands. They know Mrs. Martha Cook hated that.

One day I didn't sing it. Mr. Luke Cook told me to sing it. I didn't sing it. He broke a chair and held up the leg of it. Sing it he said. I didn't sing it....