Odds and Ends

Chapter Twenty-nine         Grass

Odds and Ends, oil on canvas, c1939, 67.3 x 109.5 cm, by Emily Carr. Source: The Art of Emily Carr by Doris Shadbolt. Vancouver: Douglas & McIntyre, 1987, c1979. 223 p. illus. ISBN 0888944411. Reproduced from the National Library of Canada's website nlc-4285 (www.nlc-bnc.ca).
Public Domain/Copyright

"Look at those great boughs swing," she said to change the subject. "The wind makes everything alive. Look at those green and blue shadows dancing under the trees, the way light and dark chase each other harum-scarum. Without movement a subject is dead. Just look!" Emily squeezed Jessica's arm.

Jessica squinted in a cunning way. "How do you paint wind?"

"Ah! By making the trees go whiz-bang and whoop it up. By painting in thick, vigorous swirls." She traced curves in the air with her arm. "Wind connects everything in one satisfying whoosh."

A slow, shrewd smile crept over Jessica's face. "You'll get back to work. I know it. I can go home without worrying now."