Wood Interior

Chapter Eight         Spruce

Wood Interior, watercolor on paper on masonite, 1909, 72.5 x 54.3 cm, Location: Vancouver Art Gallery, VAG 42.3.86. Several versions exist, in watercolor and oil, some bearing the title Giant Trees, Stanley Park. © Vancouver Art Gallery

[Alice] turned to the watercolor of the cedar grove. "I like this best. How the light falls between the branches. Why don't you call it 'Cathedral Light'?"

"Does it look like that to you? Oh, Alice, I wish you'd go there with me. It's Stanley Park. The interior. It's so deep and quiet and still. It could heal a person, body and soul. I get a sense of some presence breathing there. God's too big to be squeezed into a stuffy church, but I feel Him there in the spaces between the trees."

Alice observed her a moment, dewy-eyed, as though through all the years she had doubted whether her rebel sister even believed in God, and now she was relieved.